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Good Dog Training Village will help you and your dog get along better. We believe training should be fun for the dogs and the owners and strives to help every person find the joy, in dog training.


Dog Obedience Training

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Good Dog is training during COVID - 19


COVID - 19 is a contagious disease but it's OK to conduct dog training in the house Core Good Dog safety measures:

  • social distancing - While we are in your home, we request that you social distance and remain at least 5 feet from the dog trainer

  • extra sanitation - I sanitize all our equipment prior to arriving at your home

  • PPE (personal protective equipment) use - I always wear face coverings and require all family members to wear face coverings in clients' home. These efforts protect you from potential infection.



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Good Dog Trainer

Yappy Hour with Good Dog Training

Area dog owners are influential, trusted and recognized for sharing valuable fun and important dog information to their peer neighborhood residents. Good Dog Trainer Neal Kimball needs your help to initiate, leverage your positive “paw pressure” to promote dog-friendly neighborhoods with Yappy Hour events. Discounted Good Dog obedience training is the driveway party activity. It’s simple to set up a Yappy Hour event, hosts are to text "Good Dog" to 352-391-3273 or call Neal and he will take it from there!  Happy Holidays.  Thank you!

Neal Kimball

"Our Promise and Guarantee: You and Your Dog Will Become best Friends Again"

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Owner Neal Kimball helps a fellow Villager, Dennis Fouts (D&D Construction) with a Vince Lombardi Poster with a Ray Nitschke Autograph.

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Good Dog Training article that explains how it works. From The Daily Sun Paper.

Train with Good Dog Training Village

Our Good Dog Goals:  Dog owner to take the role of the Pack Leader/Alpha where we establish YOU as the boss.

  • Train your dog to do the things to make YOU happy:

  • Dog needs to know what YOU expect from him, so that he will feel secure in your ability as Pack Leader/Alpha.

  • Meet your goals

  • Our training makes your life with your pet easier and more meaningful!

  • Making you and your pet’s lives better every day!

  • We fix destructive, aggressive behavior and general obedience!

Neal's teaching is straight-forward, dog-friendly methods that cater to the needs of all dog owners in The Villages, Florida. Together, your dog and you can address and resolve bad behaviors to achieve a happy and harmonious home. You will have the joy of knowing you are re-energizing dog relationships in your neighborhood.

Q: Can You Help Dogs with Special Needs?

Yes I can help you! My good dog training uses human sound commands to replicate dog sounds. I can help!

Our session will include 3-step educational, empowerment and training session that any dog obedience skill can be mastered using the tools and techniques with practice and consistency. My all inclusive training session that covers behavior, psychology, communication, tools and techniques and hands on pet skill training in two key behaviors and four skills. And a second follow up session for fine tuning/training!

1) Our Training Makes Your Life with Your Pet Easier and More Meaningful! 2) Making You and your Pet’s Lives Better Every day! 3) We Fix Destructive, Aggressive Behavior and General Obedience! Please call me to discuss scheduling training for your dog.  Call or Text: 352-391-3273

Owner Neil Kimball with his dog
Good Dog Training in The Villages, Florida
Our Purpose

Our sole purpose is to help you and your dog work and live in harmony together. Good Dog Training Village comes to you. We train your dog and you in your environment. Sometimes environmental elements distract your dog. Good Dog Training Village is here to help you enjoy your dogs more without any problems or issues.

Good Dog Training wants you and your dog to "become good friends again"


Checklist of Key annoying bad dog behaviors:

• Owner Embarrassment

• Pulls on the leash

• Barking or Growling

• Snapping or Biting

• Chasing or Running away

• Lunging or Darting

• Jumping up

• Chewing

• Digging holes

• Climbing on furniture

• Stealing food

• Toilet issues

Enjoy Retirement More-Good Dog Training.


Growling, nasty dog, mean dogs
  • Pulls on Leash

  • Barking

  • Growling

  • Snaps

  • Bites

  • Runs Away

  • Chases

  • Not Listening

  • Ignoring You

  • Jumps up

  • Jumping on Guests

  • Chewing

  • Digging Holes

  • Climbs on Furniture

All easily corrected dog behaviors with Good Dog Training Village.

Barking and growling is the number one complaint we see in dogs. We can teach your dog how to control itself at all times with our proven techniques.

After training, you will learn the ongoing techniques to make your house a happy and harmonious environment in The Villages.

See what some of our past clients have to say in our video testimonial section.

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