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About Good Dog Training Village / Neal Kimball

One of the things our clients love about Good Dog Training Village is that we come to you! We serve The Villages, Florida and Wildwood Oxford Sumter County. Those of you out of the area, please visit our online dog training solution (Global Good Dog).

Most issues start at your house, so it's best to deal with them in their own environment. As training progresses, we may move the lessons to public areas in order to work with distractions.

Our session will include 3-step educational, empowerment and training session that any dog obedience skill can be mastered using the tools and techniques with practice and consistency. My all inclusive training session that covers behavior, psychology, communication, tools and techniques and hands on pet skill training in two key behaviors and four skills. And a second follow up session for fine tuning/training!

  • Our Training Makes Your Life with Your Pet Easier and More Meaningful!
  • Making You and your Pet's Lives Better Every day!
  • We Fix Destructive, Aggressive Behavior and General Obedience!

Neal's teaching is straight-forward, dog-friendly methods that cater to the needs of all dog owners in The Villages, Florida. Together, your dog and you can address and resolve bad behaviors to achieve a happy and harmonious home. You will have the joy of knowing you are re-energizing dog relationships in your neighborhood.

Our Good Dog Goals:

  • Dog owner to take the role of the Pack Leader/Alpha where we establish YOU as the boss.
  • Train your dog to do the things to make YOU happy:
  • Dog needs to know what YOU expect from him, so that he will feel secure in your ability as Pack Leader/Alpha.
  • Meet your goals
  • Our training makes your life with your pet easier and more meaningful!
  • Making you and your pet's lives better every day!
  • We fix destructive, aggressive behavior and general obedience!
  • You and Your Dog Will Become best Friends Again

Key annoying bad dog behaviors we address:

  • Owner Embarrassment
  • Pulls on the leash
  • Barking or Growling
  • Snapping or Biting
  • Chasing or Running away
  • Not Listening or Ignoring You
  • Lunging or Darting
  • Jumping up
  • Jumping on Guests
  • Chewing
  • Digging holes
  • Climbing on furniture
  • Stealing food
  • Toilet issues

All easily corrected dog behaviors with Good Dog Training Village.

Barking and growling is the number one complaint we see in dogs. We can teach your dog how to control itself at all times with our proven techniques.

After training, you will learn the ongoing techniques to make your house a happy and harmonious environment in The Villages.

Q: Can You Help Dogs with Special Needs?

Yes I can help you! My good dog training uses human sound commands to replicate dog sounds. I can help!

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