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to Remove Pet Hair From Practically Anything

Pet hair, don't care.

If figuring out how to remove pet hair from clothing and more is the price we pay for all the cuddles, wet kisses, and fun we have with our furry friends, it's worth it. But that doesn't change the fact that controlling excess pet hair is a major inconvenience of pet ownership. After all, there's nothing like the frustration of trying to leave for work and realizing your favorite pair of black pants is covered in light-colored hairs, or noticing hair collecting on the floor just hours after you vacuumed.

While some shedding is inevitable, prevention is key. Making sure Fluffy and Fido are thoroughly brushed on a regular basis with a tool such as the FURminator can be helpful. How often you need to do this depends on how much hair your pet has; when you do use it, be sure to brush gently and avoid irritating your furbaby's skin.

Another way to prevent shedding (and the resulting how-to-remove-pet-hair issue) is to use a specialized shampoo, such as Burt's Bees for Dogs Natural Shed Control Shampoo or Perfect Coat Shed and Hairball Control for Cats. Supplements are also an option, but consult your vet first.

Additionally, a good air purifier will catch and remove small hairs, as well as the allergy-triggering particles your pet brings in from outside. The ALEN BreatheSmart FLEX Mega Pet Filter OdorCell features a pre-filter and a HEPA layer to attract and capture pet dander, dust, mold, pollen, and any other airborne pollutants. It also eliminates pet odors, which can be particularly problematic in homes with cats.

When prevention fails, it's time to start cleaning. Whether you have a dog, cat, bunny, or guinea pig, here are the best ways to remove pet hair from clothing, furniture, floors, and more.

How to remove pet hair from clothing

There are many methods of removing pet hair. One of the most convenient and least expensive ways is with a tape roller, such as PetLovers Extra Sticky Lint Roller . An ideal first defense, these rollers are useful for removing a small to medium amount of pet hair from clothing or anything covered in fabric or upholstery. They are a quick fix and can be used on the go, too.

It's ideal to have a roller stashed in every room of the home, as well as your car and suitcase when you travel. Keep in mind that the larger the mess and thicker the hair, the more sheets that will need to be used, ripped off, and disposed of. For really hairy situations and delicate clothes, the dry cleaner may be your best bet.

If you want one tool to remove pet hair from virtually anything, consider the Redecker Clothes Brush. A more eco-friendly alternative to disposable lint rollers and electronic devices, the generous size makes cleaning quick, and the bristles are gentle on clothing, especially wool and suede.

How to remove pet hair from the couch and other furniture

Belly rubs are the best, except when your pet sheds all over the sofa. Upholstery, especially velvet (incredibly popular right now) can attract hair like a magnet. Removing it can take a little bit of work, but using the Dyson V11 Torque makes the job easier than it would be with a typical dustbuster or trying to remove hair manually. The vacuum is cordless and also comes with a variety of attachments that snap on and off in seconds; there's even a crevice tool that sucks hair from the tiniest corners.

How to remove pet hair from the car

Taking Fido or Fluffy to the vet or on a road trip is fun--until you see the mess they leave in the car. While you can put down a towel or blanket, it's a gamble as to whether your animal will lie on top of it or move it around and shed everywhere anyway. Having a tool on hand to remove pet hair from car seats in the glove compartment or console is a smart idea. The Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter Sponge is designed to be used dry and then washed clean and fits in every nook and cranny between the seats.

How to remove pet hair from carpet

Finding strands or clumps of pet hair on the floor is par for the course. A good vacuum engineered to solve this problem, such as the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Vacuum 2281 , is a must. It has a tangle-free brush roll, which prevents hair from getting wrapped up, and the edge-to-edge suction makes it a breeze to remove dirt and those cloud-like clumps of pet hair from corners.

How to remove pet hair from wood and tile flooring

While you can use a vacuum to remove pet hair from hard flooring, using a specialized broom can be more effective, especially for uneven surfaces such as tiles. The Fur Buster Rubber Broom has hundreds of bristles that grab everything from pet hair to dirt, dust, and lint. It also has a squeegee edge to help remove pet hair from corners and windows.

How to remove pet hair in the dryer

Even a good washing cycle won't remove excess pet hair from clothing, bedding, towels, and other linens. Using wool dryer ballscan help remove the pet hair from fabrics, knocking them off into the lint trap.

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